Video Marketing for Business: What Kind of Camera do I Need for Professional Videos?

Hi there and welcome to another episode of Tips & Tech Talk, I’m your host Ron, back on location for a second week. We’re joined by C.C. and we’re going to be talking about video marketing for business and what kind of camera you should be using to capture the video you need for your marketing content.

C.C. for people who didn’t join us last week, you were on vlogger and you do use videos to market your company. Tell us a little background about what you do and how you use videos to market Mortgage One.

C.C. Maciejewski:

Well we think it’s very important at MAC team to be able to show our past, current, and future clients who we are and the culture we have at our business.

Ron Robinson:

For most people, using their cell phone, the quality of video that you get, you can record in 1080 in some cases 4K and get really good video with your phone. Or maybe you want to go with a GoPro and spend a little bit more money. But I prefer the DSLRs because you’re going to get more dynamic range – especially in low light situations, you’re going to get a better video. But that’s one of the reasons that I want to talk to you specifically. You just went out and got the M50. What went into your thought process to buy this M50 and how has it helped you with video marketing for business?

C.C. Maciejewski:

Well, actually it took a little bit of research.

I knew that I wanted to upgrade from my old Canon camera that I purchased about five, six years ago. And even at that time, it was already on the ancient side of technology. I needed something new, hip and fast, so I chose M50 for quite a few different reasons.

The back of the camera actually comes out and adjusts so when you record you can see yourself. Another great feature (which this has a lot of great features) is wi-fi capability. Finally, a camera caught up to the cell phone and the capability.

Ron Robinson:

And so basically what that means is if you take a video with this using your wi-fi, you can automatically send it to your phone in minutes to share on social media or any other type of medium which is ideal when you are using video to market your business.

C.C. Maciejewski:

Actually you can go live with your cellphone and this camera. You pair up your cellphone and your camera so while you’re recording, you can actually see what you look like from your cellphone through a Canon app. It’s amazing.

Ron Robinson:

As far as DSLRs go, this Canon is very light but compare to these two, it’s like night and day. It’s like carrying a bag of potatoes and then one potato.

It’s a big difference. So not only is it’s footprint smaller, it’s just it’s more compatible with travel. Talk on that. I mean, you can produce video anywhere with this, not just in your home office.

C.C. Maciejewski:

You can. And what’s really nice, when you purchase a camera like this, with a stand such as this, this camera can go practically anywhere. This stand is nice and light and so is the camera. So you can reverse it on yourself and actually record video. Which is huge. You can put it anywhere. Up in a tree, on your steering wheel, if you want to do a quick video for your business.

If a client calls you with a frequently asked question and you thought to yourself, wow, I can make a video on this. You can pop this on, connect it to your steering wheel and just do a quick video, and then upload it to the internet.

Once again, this, it has wi-fi. It can go straight to your phone, and you can connect it right to Facebook immediately. I need a quick and efficient way for video marketing and getting our message out to our clients, and this camera does it.

Ron Robinson:
So, what about the video quality? Because ultimately, that’s what it’s all about.

Have you noticed a difference in the quality of the video?

C.C. Maciejewski:


Ron Robinson:

Quality of video you’re going to get on your phone is good. The quality you’re going to get with GoPro is even better. But if you want to be serious, if you want that dynamic range, if you want that good situational, low-light video, I highly recommend a DSLR. Anything you’d like to say as far as people pursuing what kind of camera they should be using for video marketing?

C.C. Maciejewski:

Make this investment. Be able to connect with your audience and show them who you are.

Ron Robinson:

I want to thank C.C .for joining me. I want to thank you for watching.

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Thanks for joining us, we’ll see you next time for another episode of Tips & Tech Talk.

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