Hey there and welcome to another episode of Tips & Tech Talk, I’m your host Ron, a Michigan Video Marketer. Today we’re gonna talk about 5 must have videos that every local business needs.

#1 Video for Business – The Business Trailer

This video allows you to tell people who you are, what you produce, but more importantly why should the viewer care about your content?

The Business Trailer video is an overview of you, your business and your services or products. After watching this video, the viewer should have a complete understanding of everything your Michigan business offers.

Also in this style of video it’s vitally important to have a call of action. What do you want the viewer to do after they’ve watched your video? Is it to call you or buy something? Or do you want them to go to your website? Give them clear direction of what you want them to do after they watch your video.

#2 Video for Business – Testimonials

Or as it’s also know as, the happy customer success story video. It’s very important to have a video that allows your past customers or clients to share their story with future customers or clients.

These videos are key because it allows customers who love your service or products to brag about you and your Michigan business.

And even though it’s number 2 on this list, make no mistake, testimonial videos are, in most cases, the best advertising a business can get.

#3 Video for Business – Q and As

These videos allow you to present answers to frequently asked questions about your businesses specialty. The best thing you can do is become known as an authority or an expert in your field. That’s what Q and A videos do for you. They make you the expert.

There’s a lot of power in these types of videos because it allows the viewer to find the best answers to commonly asked questions.

The best part is you make an immediate impact on a viewer without appearing to be selling.

#4 Video for Business – Tutorials

This is just as it sounds. It’s a video that explains the purpose, and or how to use a specific product or service. These videos allow you to educate not only your current customers or clients, but also future clients about how your product, service, or business works.

# 5 Video for Business – The Email Video

This type of video allows the customer or anyone you’re corresponding with to get a warm video greeting with every outgoing email. It’s very personable and it’s something that with very little effort, creates trust between you and your clients!!

There you have it, 5 must have videos that every Michigan business needs.

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Thanks for joining us we’ll see you next time right here on Tips & Tech Talk. Thanks for watching.

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