It Takes a  Village…The Story of the South Channel Range Lights

A Documentary movie about the range lights on Lake St Clair

Ron Robinson Studios is pleased to announce the release of our 2nd feature documentary.

“It Takes a Village…The Story of the South Channel Range lights” is a documentary that highlights how important these Lake St Clair Range Lights were in the growth of our Nation.


How political in-fighting caused a delay in the construction of the lights

  • The range lights impact on the Civil War
  • The efforts of the “Save Our South Channel Lights” organization (SOSCL).
  • How an Eagle Scout Project turned into a labor of love
  • The nearly extinct birds and their unexpected reliance on the lights

Built in 1859, “The Twin Sisters” played a key role in The Civil War as well as giving birth to the “Industrial Age”. Left to the elements, a boating couple from Harsen’s Island formed an organization in the late 1980’s and began to restore them. Be there as they light the rear light for the first time in 100 years and beyond. Learn how one man’s crusade to refurbish these Lake St. Clair landmarks inspired an entire community.

Hear from captains about how vital these lights were in navigation.  Also we find out how the city of Anchor Bay got its name.


“It Takes a Village… The Story of the South Channel Range Lights” tells the story of how these monuments paved the way for the American way of life.

Be there as the “Save Our South Channel Lights” organization, lights the rear light for the first time in nearly 100 years.  Also find out what the SOSCL wants to build near one of the lights and be there as SOSCL founder Chuck Brockman reveals what the end game is for these twin sisters.

If you are a fan of Light houses or a fan of boating, you are going to want this movie!


Cost: $15 plus shipping
From: Ron Robinson
Genres: Documentary
Duration: 89 minutes
Availability: Worldwide


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