Drone Media for Golf Courses

Golf Course Video Production

Are you a golfer? Imagine if you will… being able to see an aerial video of the entire hole, just moments before you tee off. While in the clubhouse or sitting in your golf cart, waiting your turn, you could be looking at an aerial point of view of your next hole. Does your favorite course offer this service? If your answer is no, why not?

Ron Robison Studios can provide aerial views from Tee box to Pin… providing golfers with a birds-eye view of each hole. We also offer a service where the video of each hole can be watched by scanning the courses score card.

With the use of augmented reality and flyover footage your scorecard will come to life, offering golfers a virtual caddy experience. This service combines the beauty of the course and its challenges with audio and video caddy notes at the golfers finger tips. For golfers of all skill levels, this can allow them to avoid losing strokes due to unseen obstacles like ponds, dog legs, random tree clusters, and sand traps.

Let your favorite golf course know that Ron Robinson Studios offers this service!

“Not all photographers have the same qualifications and talent, this applies to licensed Drone pilots as well. Trust your Aerial Photography and Video to the Experts!”

Ron Robinson Studios

Virtual Caddy Information

Gold Demo (Hole 14)


There are many different brands and styles of camera “Drones” with a wide range in price. Because Ron Robinson Studios strives to capture the best aerial images possible, we utilize DJI “Drones” and are able to shoot 4k Video and snap photographs in several high quality formats including “raw”.
We also work hard to capture aerial views that will make people stop and stare. IF you need an experienced Aerial photographer, Ron Robinson Studios is for you

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