Business Info & Email Greeting Videos

Business Informational Video

What is a Business Information Video?

Quite simply it’s a video that explains, in your own words, who you are and what you and your company does.

Are you in need of a video that explains you and your business?  Ron Robinson Studios can also produce short intro or info videos for businesses in Oakland County throughout the Metro Detroit area.  This style of video is great for embedding in your emails, posting on your website or even Facebook and LinkedIn. Every business needs videos for their web site or social media platforms that let their market know who they are and what they do.

We create attention grabbing videos that will help you market your business or organization. “We can make your business Stand out”!  If you want your videos to pop and get the message out, RRS can give your video that sharp professional look, with titles and branding.

Ron Robinson Studios is located in Oakland County, MI and provides quality videos for businesses throughout Metro Detroit. Contact our video production studio for a Strategy Session.

Capture Your 60 seconds

If you are familiar with a “60 Second Commercial” in a Business Networking situation…. A “Business Info” Video is very much like that, only you are sharing your message ON CAMERA.  The best part is we can trim unwanted video so after the production is edited together only the best video content will be published for broadcast.

If you are someone who utilizes “Business Networking Groups”, we can record your 10 minute presentation and use it to produce a series of info or promotional videos for you and your business.

These videos really help with top of mind awareness for your company or organization. Call today for a quote.

Email Greeting Videos

What is an “Email Video”?

It’s a short branded video you can embed in your outgoing Emails, relaying a video message in your own words. This style of video is much like a “Business Information Video”; only it’s usually shorter in length.

An Email Greeting Video can contain many different messages. From trouble shooting info to a verbal message letting the viewer know how to contact you if there’s ever a problem or a need for your product or service. It’s all about what you want to say to the people receiving your Emails.

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