You can use “Drones” to do many things.

Other Drone Services

Camera “Drones” can be used to capture images that otherwise wouldn’t be possible.

Although real estate and golf courses are two of the most obvious markets that benefit using drones, there are many other businesses and industries that Ron Robinson Studios can help with our camera “drones”.

Home Inspection/Insurance

Our camera “Drone” is a perfect tool for roof and chimney inspections.

Whether you are an insurance representative or a home inspector, aerial photographs and/or video can make your job a lot easier. Ron Robinson Studios can provide aerial views of a home to ensure a complete inspection for your client.  For Insurance companies, we can provide a view of the damage from every angle. Do you need a new roof? Our “Drone” cameras can help answer that. Reach out today to learn more about aerial drone photography and video.

Hotels, Rural Homes, Historical Buildings & Landmarks

Hotel & Resort Aerial photographs and/or video

When searching for a hotel on-line, do you open up in their website’s gallery and look at pictures of the layout…. Maybe see what the hotel or resort looks like? Why wouldn’t a hotel with a great view or presence want aerial video or photographs of their establishment? Ron Robinson Studios can do that. Same goes for Personal Homes and Property & Historical Buildings and Landmarks.

Construction, Industry and Landscaping

Get aerial photographs and/or video of your building site.

Ron Robinson Studios can provide aerial time lapse media for in-house use as well as for marketing and promotion. We can produce promotional marketing videos for landscaping and pool construction companies showcasing your work using breathtaking views only a drone can capture.

Canvas Print Wall Art. Boats

Amazing Aerial Photography of Boats!

If you are looking for amazing aerial shots of your boat while it’s in the water, look no further.  Whether you would like an aerial video of your boat or amazing aerial photos for a canvas print.  Ron Robinson Studios can capture HD Video and HD Photos of your boat in action.

Aerial Farm Photography

Aerial Media is great for Canvas Print Wall Art.

Call today for a quote: 586-256-3637​

Aerial Boat Photography


There are many different brands and styles of camera “Drones” with a wide range in price. Because Ron Robinson Studios strives to capture the best aerial images possible, we utilize DJI “Drones” and are able to shoot 4k Video and snap photographs in several high quality formats including “raw”.
We also work hard to capture aerial views that will make people stop and stare. IF you need an experienced Aerial photographer, Ron Robinson Studios is for you

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