Testimonial Videos for Businesses

Promotion through testimonials!

Testimonial Videos for Businesses

Nothing in marketing is more powerful for a business than a “Testimonial” video. A good “Testimonial” video can be far more effective than any other type of video or any other type of promotional marketing tool for that matter.

What is a “Testimonial” Video?

A “Testimonial” Video is a produced video that promotes a business using videos obtained by interviewing clients of a business or users of a product.

Ron Robinson Studios can sit down with your best and favorite clients and capture their experience with your product or company through an interview process and then produce crisp professional looking videos that will make you stand out above your competitors.

“Testimonial” Videos can be used for marketing purposes on social media or on your website! 

You can’t just turn the camera on and say “Hey what do like about so and so and his product”.
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The Importance of the “Interview”

The Cornerstone of every great “Testimonial” Video is a Great “Interview”. Do you know what questions to ask of your clients that will garner the response’s you need to promote yourself effectively? When someone agrees to go on camera to say nice things about you and your business, what do you say to them?

That’s where we come in. Ron Robinson Studios can formulate a series of questions with your marketing and promotional needs in mind that will draw more effective “Testimonial” Videos about you and your business.

What’s more is Ron Robinson Studios understands the importance of making your clients feel comfortable during the filming process. The more comfortable your clients are, the better “Testimonial” Video you will get from them.

Every great “Testimonial” Video stems from a great interview and every great interview happens only when the person being interviewed feels comfortable. In general, most people are not comfortable in front of a video camera. That’s why it so imperative to make your clients feel at ease before the camera starts rolling. Ron Robinson Studios knows how to get the most out of your clients..giving you the most effective “Testimonial” Videos possible  .

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