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Ron Robinson Studios Services the entire United States.

Ron Robinson Studios can produce high quality pictures & HD Videos from a point of view that can only be captured using a high quality aerial camera.  What’s better, it’s very likely our services are more cost effective than the method you are using now. Reach out today to request an estimate for drone services.

Aerial Survey & Mapping

There are many different ways a “DRONE” can be utilized within the industry of AGRICULTURE and AERIAL LAND MAPPING. For one, farmers can easily and effectively monitor their crops for growth, research and potential hazards. Some reports have estimated that using drones for agriculture purposes could increase crop yields by 30%.
MAPPING FIELDS for documentation, drainage and other threats, or surveying crops for blight, are just a few more ways a drone could increase profits for a farmer or Developer. If you need a birds-eye view documentation of your crops or land, Ron Robinson Studios can help.

Power, Commercial & Industrial

LIVE STREAMING aerial images of your pipe lines… We can do that… We can also help energy companies looking for a safer and less expensive way to get an up-close look at their POWER LINES. Utilizing INFRARED and THERMAL camera drones, with ZOOM IN CAPABILITY, We can capture exactly the data you need in REAL TIME, while maintaining a safe distance from the lines.
If you need a survey of your pipe lines, Ron Robinson Studios can provide you with better images from more angles for a lot less $ than you are paying now. Save yourself the cost, time, and possible harm to an employee, by calling Ron Robinson Studios.

Wind Farms, Turbines & Solar Energy

If you run a Wind farm you know that it’s imperative that you frequently inspect your turbines. We can provide you with high quality up close HD Video and HD Pictures of you BLADES and GEAR BOXES. Because we use CAMERA DRONES with ZOOM CAPABILITY, we can capture crystal clear HD Images while keeping our CAMERA DRONE clear of any obstacles.
If you need inspections from the air of your SOLAR ARRAYS or SOLAR PANELS, We can do that for you too. Because we utilize DRONES with THERMAL INFRARED and ZOOM IN CAPABILITIES, we can record the data you need…

Bridge, Building Or Structure Inspection

Whether you need an aerial view of a bridge or another structure for inspection purposes, RRS Can do that. Because we utilize the DJI Matrice with the Ronin-MX we can send our CAMERA DRONE into some pretty complex environments.
With OBSTACLE AVOIDANCE TECHNOLOGY, we can get the data and images you need from mulitiple angles without worry of a crash. With each passing year our bridges, buildings, and roads deteriorate and should be consistently monitored. RRS can do that for you! Reach out today.


There are many different brands and styles of camera “Drones” with a wide range in price. Because Ron Robinson Studios strives to capture the best aerial images possible, we utilize DJI “Drones” and are able to shoot 4k Video and snap photographs in several high quality formats including “raw”.
We also work hard to capture aerial views that will make people stop and stare. IF you need an experienced Aerial photographer, Ron Robinson Studios is for you

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