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May 2017

IS the time right for you to buy a “drone”?It’s amazing how much Aerial Drones have evolved over the last several years. Not only has the technology improved by leaps and bounds, but competition in the market has made buying a “Drone much more affordable than it used to be. So what does this mean for you?

Maybe nothing.However, if you ARE thinking about purchasing a “Drone”, cost isn’t the only factor one should consider.As most of you know “Drone” laws were put in place last year making it mandatory for anyone using a “Drone” for business, to obtain a UAV Pilot License.But no such rules, as of yet, have been put in place for “Amateur “Drone” enthusiasts.That will likely change.

Although nothing official has been announced, it’s likely new “Drone” rules will be set for “recreational” pilots within the next 18 months. Even still, this shouldn’t scare you away. The FAA has worked closely with people within the “Drone” Industry and at least so far, has put together set regulations that make sense.If you have trouble believing that, I invite you to look at the “Drone” regulations Canadian Officials recently implemented. If you are thinking about buying a “Drone” for yourself or a loved one, shoot me an email, for info on which would be best for you.To stay up to date on the latest “Aerial Drone” news, click the link below…


Viral Video Vault

I love music. I always have. Every year one show I won’t and don’t miss is the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremony.This year especially as the class of 2017 stands out.It was awesome to see Nile Rodgers get the nod. It was cool to see Rush induct Yes. IT was also great o see Tupac Shakur get in. No one can deny how good his music is nor deny the influence he’s had on rappers who came after him.The highlight of the night for me however, was a double feature. Their music, of Journey in the 1980’s and Pearl Jam in the 90’s has been the soundtracks to my life. I love that they were inducted on the same night.As a result this month, there will be two Viral Vault Videos. Journey’s Separate Ways andEven Flow by Pearl Jam. Enjoy!

Coming up this month:


May is a big month for Ron Robinson Studios. We are hosting an event at Steiny’s Restaurant and Banquet Hall in Shelby Twp. On May 10th from 5-8PM, there will be a showing of our documentary movie about Jimmy Johns Field.Also, we’ve revamped our website and are re-launching with a new look before the movie. To learn more click the link below.

If you do plan to attend, please click here to RSVP. Or register on Facebook! See you there.

Also this month: We are so very proud to be associated with Michigan Real Estate Masterminds, as we continue to produce more “Whiteboard” videos for their Platinum members. Do you need a “Whiteboard” video?Watch one below

If you would like a video or a video campaign produced for your business or organization, Call or Email me today to set up a free consultation.

Certified to Fly Unmanned Aircraft by the FAA, Ron Robinson Studios wants to be your “Drone Guy”! We can provide aerial service for Real Estate or Insurance companies, Construction, Golf Courses, or any business that could benefit from Aerial Photography and video. Call Ron Robinson Studios today

I hope you enjoyed our May newsletter, feel free to spread the word and share this email with others.

Thanks Ron Robinson

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