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June 2017

Last month my question to you was.”Is it time for you to buy a drone?”  As it turns out, it was a bit premature to ask that question as there have been many new developments in the world of “drones”

So what’s changed? Plenty.  First and foremost, “drone” hobbyists who use their quad for recreational purposes are no longer required to register their “drone”.  The change in the procedure was due to a suit against the FAA that challenged their right to install a registration process for quad hobbyists in the first place. Click here to learn more

Moving forward, if you are a “drone” pilot who is using your quad for business or commercial purposes, you will still be required to register your drone and pass the FAA Part 107 Pilot exam. However if you are using your quad in a recreational capacity, you will not.  Stay tuned!

Another big bomb shell was dropped last month when DJI, a company that controls 70% of the market, unveiled its new “Selfie Drone”. The new DJI “Spark” is a game changer. Why? Well first, the size of the “Spark” can’t be ignored, as it’s about the size of an I-phone.  What’s more is that it contains obstacle avoidance technology and you can control it with hand gestures or your smart phone. The “Spark is not the first “drone” in its class, but it is the first of its kind to offer a gimbal based 1080P 30FPS camera on board.  At $499, DJI is hoping to get the attention of first time drone buyers.  So I ask again. Is it time for you to buy a drone? If it is you may want to give the “Spark” a look.

To stay up to date on the latest “Aerial Drone” news, click the link below


Viral Video Vault

There are already scores of videos up on YouTube that discuss in great detail the ins and outs of the DJI Spark, however this month’s Viral Video is the official DJI-Introducing Spark video. It was published a little over a week ago and it already has over two million views.  If you want to learn more about this amazing little quad check it out.

Coming up this month:

DJI wasn’t the only company to unveil a new product last month. With a lot of help from Web 7 Marketing, I revamped and re-launched ronrobinsonstudios.com

With a new look, Ron Robinson Studios also announced new video marketing and aerial media packages. I invite and encourage you to visit and peruse our new look website.  Click here to check out some of the “drone services we offer.


I want to thank MREM Krissy Hoffman for hiring RRS for the second time. This time, Krissy asked us to produce a video for one of her listings. Check it out below.


Check out a whiteboard video we created for Krissy Hoffman earlier this year.

I also want to thank Rick Stathakis, Shelby Twp, and its zoning department for using our “drone” services. We also are very thankful for the opportunity of producing a Memorial Day Ceremony in Shelby. Check it out below.


If you would like a video or a video campaign produced for your business or organization, call or Email me today to set up a free consultation.

Certified to Fly Unmanned Aircraft by the FAA, Ron Robinson Studios wants to be your “Drone Guy”!

We can provide aerial service for Real Estate or Insurance companies, Construction, Golf Courses, or any business that could benefit from Aerial Photography and video. Call Ron Robinson Studios today


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Thanks, Ron Robinson

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