More than 3,800 companies recently converged in Las Vegas for the 2017 annual Consumer Electronic Show. For 50 years, CES has been the place where the electronics Industry unveils its latest gadgets. Although this year’s trends leaned toward smart homes, smart cars, and robotics, there was definitely a strong camera presence at the show.  The bulk of the latest in camera gadgets were of the Drone and Spherical video class. Among the highlights were The DJI Mavik and Phantom 4 Pro. Go Pro while re-releasing their Drone “Karma” , also revealed  they would be making a big announcement  later this year.  But in my opinion the coolest new tech item was a 8K 360 camera called the “Insta360 Pro.

Other cool new tech toys include

  1. The Polaroid Pop: A digital camera with a printer built in
  2. The Kodak PixPro Orbit 360: A cube camera with a dome lens on both sides. It also will shoot in 360 at 4K with 20 mega pixels.
  3. The Kingston Ultimate GT. Kingston made one of bigger splashes by announcing the release of the world’s largest USB flash drives. It comes in 1 and 2TB, that’s correct Terabytes.
  4. The Samsung Smart Refrigerator; The things this fridge can do is simply amazing.

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