Is Virtual Reality the FUTURE or just a passing FAD?  Surely one of the many Virtual Reality or VR Goggle systems  is on many a Christmas lists this year… More and more, you are going to see people wearing these strange “Star Trek” like boxes on their head and over their eyes.  So what is all the Hubbub?  For starters, when you wear the goggles, it opens up a whole new world for consuming entertainment.  For example, when you watch a movie thru streaming services like HULU and NETFLIX with the goggles on, you’ll be immersed in your very own I-Max Theater for one.  You can also fly with the Thunderbirds and ride a roller coaster at Six Flags…but that’s just the tip of the iceberg.  With hundreds if not thousands of games that put you in the middle of the action…these VR Goggle systems takes your senses to the next level.  More importantly, with 360 degree cameras becoming more sophisticated, these VR Systems can provide views and perspectives that were not possible before…a seat right in the middle of the action!

What do you think? Is VR the Future or just a passing fad?


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Because December is the month of Christmas, here’s a video I hope will give the whole month thru…I give you “Funniest Christmas Fails 2016” Enjoy!


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