Every business needs video. Video affects how customers feel, how they shop and essentially how and what they spend their money on. Whether you have a new Michigan business or you are a well-seasoned company, video marketing campaigns are essential to establish and keep top-of-mind awareness. If you’re promoting an event, brand or a website, you need to have a marketing plan.

Ron Robinson Studios can help you engage viewers and generate leads for your business – putting you head and shoulders above your competitors.

See everything Ron Robinson Studios can do for you at ronrobinsonstudios.com. Take the lead today, it’s within your grasp.

Get Started with Your Video Marketing Campaign for Your Michigan Business

Still not convinced that you need to invest in video marketing? Did you know …

  • 85% of online consumers watch video to research products.
  • The top 100 leading national advertisers run daily video campaigns on YouTube
  • Embedded videos on a website can increase traffic by 55%

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What Our Video Marketing Clients are Saying

“Ron Robinson Studios does an amazing job for business owners. Whether it be small business owners, big corporations, restaurants, golf courses or any sales professionals that need to get their word out professionally and want to take it to the next level.

Everyone should be reinvesting in their business and reinvesting in video to do a more professional presentation for your business. Ron Robinson Studios provides that.”

Keith Stonehouse – Franklin Title

“The exposure, things that in the past would’ve cost thousands – or hundreds of thousands of dollars, using a studio like Ron Robinson Studios has been a game changer for so many small businesses that I know. I cannot say enough about the power of video.”

Al Crawford – LBN

“The professionalism that he brought to it – the camera work was very good. He got several different angles to be able to really encapsulate what I wanted to create in the video.

He was also, one of the things I want to complement Ron about is, he was very easy to work with.”

Dawn Drozd – Clear Vision

“He’s attentive and he really wants to get right to the core of what it is that you’re looking for and then he gives it to you! It’s awesome.”

Ron Hagle – CAP

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