Hi there. Welcome to another issue of Tips & Tech Talk. I’m your host, Ron. Today we’re going to talk about video marketing for business. I will be covering 7 essential tips for creating effective testimonial videos.

1 – Ask Good Questions

For most people, their original thought is to create a script.

If you are lucky enough to get somebody to do a testimonial video for you and to get in front of a camera, you have to come prepared. Come with prepared questions. Ask good questions but ask questions that are going to garner the kind of responses that you’re looking for. Is there a specific product that you want to advertise? Is it your service that you want to emphasize?

Whatever it is that you want your customer to talk about, ask questions that are going to garner those kind of responses. Also, it’s best to create a conversation rather than a scripted Q&A. Believe it or not, most people don’t like to be in front of a camera so you want to make them feel comfortable. Create a situation where it sounds more like a conversation instead you asking them questions.

2 – Listen

Tip 2 should actually be Tip 1A, but listen to your subject’s responses. So many times, people will come with questions and they’ll stick to that script. They’ll ask one question and after receiving an answer, they’ll go right to the next question.

What you want to do is listen for keywords and listen for what they’re talking about. Because if they start talking about something you want to specifically emphasize, you might want to ask follow-up questions to expand on the responses they gave to the previous question.

So ask follow-up questions before you move on to the next question that you have prepared.

3 – Good Lighting and Backdrop

Before you conduct the interview, or before you have a conversation with your subject, make sure that you have good lighting and a strong, solid backdrop or background for your subject to stand in front of. You want the viewer of the video to be listening to the content of the person speaking highly of your business. Hence, a testimonial video. So make sure you have good lighting, and a good strong background or a backdrop that your subject will stand in front of or sit in front of as you talk to them, and they give their testimonial.

4 – Use a Tripod

This is also another one I’ve mentioned in previous videos. For the most part, you can conduct a testimonial with your smartphone right on cue. But you want to avoid any shakiness. So if possible, you should use a tripod for your phone. You may even find that there are cases for your phone that double as a tripod.

So use a tripod, something that holds your camera still while you’re recording the subject as they’re giving their testimonial. If you can’t use a tripod, try to keep your camera as steady as possible. But again, I recommend a tripod and sometimes you can get a tripod on the phone cases.

Remember – you want your shots to be still and look professional.

5 – Use an External Microphone

It’s essential to get good audio. Try to use an external mic, if possible. If you can’t use an external mic, make sure you get the camera as close to the subject as possible. The farther away the subject is from the camera or your external microphone, the worse the sound is going be. So make sure you get the camera close to the subject especially if you don’t have an external microphone. Not too close to them to be obnoxious but you want to make sure that you’re getting good, quality, clear, crisp sound.

6 – Editing Your Video

Edit your videos into short video snippets for a testimonial montage or one standalone testimonial video. Again, you want to keep your content short to one subject at a time.

7 – Have a Call of Action

It’s vital that after your video is over, you have a call of action for the viewer. What do you want them to do? Do you want them to go visit your website? Do you want them to purchase something? Maybe you want them give you an email or maybe a phone call.

Whatever you want your perspective viewer of this video to do, you have to make sure you give them specific directions. Have a call of action. It is also very essential that you have some branding. Make sure the person that watches the video knows who is making the video and who is being advertised. Have some branding and a call of cation.

There you have it, 7 essential steps to creating effective testimonial videos for your business. If you liked this video, or if you learned something new about video marketing for your business, click that Like icon. Also subscribe to my YouTube channel, click that bell icon to make sure you’re notified when I make future videos. Also, check out more of my work at ronrobinsonstudios.com.

We’ll see you next time for another episode of Tips & Tech Talk. I’m your host, Ron. We’ll see you next time. Thanks for watching.

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