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From music and movies to trends and events… people places and things… every episode I cover a topic that interests me. Watch my latest episode below. To see previous episodes and ensure you see future episodes click the link below and subscribe to my YouTube channel.

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What is “Ron’s Vlog”?

I started producing “Ron’s Vlog in March 2016 to inform and entertain. I figured, if people can get other people to watch a video of them playing a video game, I should be able to find an audience that would be entertained by my lighthearted videos.

Sometimes it’s going over the latest in consumer camera technology… Sometimes its presenting the nostalgia of Vinyl records… Or sometimes it just may be me finding new ways to show off some “Drone” footage. Producing “Ron’s Vlog” continues to provide me with opportunities to try new things. The Vlog also gives me a venue to share info and new camera technology.

YouTube is an amazing platform, however it is not without its flaws… Most people don’t realize how difficult it can be for a YouTube Channel to gain subscribers. It’s not like Facebook, where you can send group emails to collect “friends” and “likes”. It may surprise you that statistically, it’s far easier and more common to get a post share on Facebook than it is to collect one subscriber on a YouTube channel.

That’s because for a channel to gain a subscriber, a video watcher must click on to a specific YouTube Channel home page and then must click the SUBSCRIBE button. That may sound easy enough. The problem, however is that most people, even those who watch a lot of videos online, don’t have a YouTube account. You have to be a YouTube Subscriber to Subscribe to our Channel.

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