The quality is going up and the prices are coming down.   That’s exactly what is happening in the world of camera and technology.  Four years ago I went to a filmmaker workshop led by Alex Buono who was the Director of Photography for Saturday Night Live Shorts at the time.   During the afternoon session he showcased a new camera rig called the MOVI… was a two person rig centered by a very high end camera, however the BIG appeal of the MOVI,  was something he referred to as a “Gimbal”(This was a year before “Drones” were introduced to the masses). Although I was not alone in the room in not knowing what a “gimbal” was, we all were amazed at what it could do. It kept the camera straight and fluid and produced smooth and flowing video.  The first time a “steady cam” was used in a major motion picture was in 1976, used while filming Rocky.

The “steady cam” was a reliable alternative to a tripod. It gave film makers opportunities to create more action sequences on the move.   Since then, camera operators have worked tirelessly to keep their shots as steady as possible, but we as viewers just got used to the little jerk and jello in the movies and TV shows we watched (like ER, West Wing). The Gimbal was a game changer!

The excitement I felt about this amazing new technology was quickly squashed, when it was announced that the cost came in at $20,000+.  Fast forward to August 2017…I recently bought a Zhiyun gimbal for my smart phone for just $135.

I’m not saying my  Samsung S8+ camera can compete with the High end Canon DSLR that was attached to the MOVI that day, but  my new smooth Q  gives me the same fluid movement in the video I capture and I only paid $135.  I’ve noticed the same trend in cameras and “Drones”.  It seems the fierce completion in the Tech industry is causing the quality to go up with costs to the consumer going down.  What used to be an out of reach cost for good quality cameras and other technology is now more affordable and more importantly, far more convenient and user friendly.

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This month’s Viral Vault Video is my favorite so far….After watching “Airplane Trick Shots” you’ll understand why it has garnered almost 15 million views.  Check it out!

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