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Ron: Hey there, and welcome to another episode and Tips & Tech Talk. I am your host Ron from Ron Robinson Studios, a Michigan video production company, and once again joined by Site Traffic’s own Lisa Majewski. And today we’re going to talk about three things that you can do to outrank your competitors on Google.

You know, Lisa if you’re a business owner and you Goggle your services or your products who comes up? Is it you or your competitor? If it is your competitor, you’re probably wondering what they’re doing to outrank you. Well, that’s why Lisa is here today. Lisa you’re going to help us understand how we can outrank our competitors, and how do we do that?

Lisa: Google has an algorithm and it’s actually pretty extensive. So rather than we get into all the technical details, it can actually just be quite simplified by saying Google’s goal is to please its users. So, if you keep that in mind and you try to please people you are already on the right track.

So, you’re going to notice that throughout these three tips it all comes down to the end-user experience.

1. Initial Set up – Apply SEO Techniques While Your Site is Being Built

Ron: So, let’s jump right into it. Number one is initial set up. Lisa, tell us what is initial set up, what does that mean?

Lisa: Well, that means there are certain SEO techniques that should be applied to your website while it’s being built, whether it be you or your web designer. Maybe your web designer is more creative and they don’t have that technical SEO experience. Make sure you have at least another person, an SEO person, working on that along with the web designer.

You want to make sure that your site is mobile friendly, because that’s a ranking factor, because again,  going back to user experience. You want to make sure the pages load quickly. And there’s also some specific technical things that need to be applied to the website such as meta data. And your SEO person or web designer will be able to help you with that.

2. Post Quality Content on a Regular Basis

Ron: Lisa how important is this?

Lisa: Extremely important. If you’ve ever done any type of research on internet marketing or SEO, you’ve probably heard the phrase content is king. And it might seem like a little cliché but it is still very true. And the reason behind that is because remember, you want to indicate to Google that your site has value.

So, if you’re posting site regularly and your competitor is not vice versa who do you think Google is going to perceive as more valuable? A website that’s constantly being updated. So, that as a whole helps you.

The other advantage to that is that every time you post a single blog article or a single piece of content, you have an opportunity to target a different phrase. But the thing is you don’t want to post just any content. You can’t just throw up a photo and a couple of paragraphs. It needs to be high quality. And there’s actually a minimum word limit of 300 words, anything less than that is considered poor quality and Google calls it thin content.

If you compare that to your competitor where they might have 500 words and you only have a 100 words on the topic, who’s going to seem like the authority in the industry?

3. Avoid Spammy Techniques

Ron: And number three is not so much something you should be doing, but rather something that you shouldn’t be doing and that is sharing spammy quality content. What does that mean?

Lisa: Well, there are certain shortcuts that some SEO companies take, and they used to in fact work back in the day, but Google is cracking down on this with their, they’re called black hat techniques, spammy techniques. Again, lowering the quality of the article. So again, it all goes back to trying to please the user. So some of these examples might be, say in the keyword you can actually say it too much in your, if you’re writing an article that is referred to as keyword stuffing.

So, basically if you read your article and it sounds like you’ve written it for a computer and not a human that’s a bad sign right there. And there’s actually a percentage, Google is smart enough to see if it sounds like it’s easy to read for a person. And there’s actually a percentage of keywords that you want to stay within. So, the overuse of keywords is referred to as keyword stuffing. So, that would be a spammy technique.

Another technique would be take a content from places off of the internet so you always want to have original content. A common practice is not writing your own content but instead you go to someone else’s website, maybe you don’t copy and paste their entire article but some companies what they might do is they’ll just scrabe a little piece from this website and another piece from here so they don’t have to actually write it. Google’s smart enough to know that what context was indexed first. And what that comes down to is it indicates to Google that you obviously are not in authority in your field and you’re not able to produce your own quality content. So again, user experience and quality content.

Ron: So, there you have it. Three ways to outrank your competitors on Google. I hope you learned something, I hope you liked this video. If you did, please click that bell icon, share it with your friends on YouTube. If you see it on Facebook like it, share it with your friends as well. And of course, you can see more of my work at

Tune in next week Lisa will join us again we’ll be talking about three things that you can do with video to increase your Google ranking. So, join us next week for another episode of Tips & Tech Talk. We’ll talk to you next time. Thanks Lisa.

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