Michigan Search and Rescue Drone Pilot Discusses the DJI 2 Enterprise

Hey there. Welcome to another episode of Tips & Tech Talk. I am your host Ron, a drone pilot in Michigan.

Today we’re here to talk about a new drone. DJI has released another drone – sort of. DJI recently released the Mavic 2 Enterprise, and it’s not for just anybody. This drone is geared toward emergency responders, first responders and search and rescue drone pilots. Now it’s no secret, I wasn’t a big fan of the Mavic 2 Pro or the Mavic 2 Zoom for that matter, simply because of the price tag. It looks like a great drone. The footage I’ve seen online looks really, really good. But this new application to this drone, I think is a game changer. So before we get too far into this, there are several things to like about the DJI Mavic 2 Enterprise. But there’s one thing that I don’t like about this drone. And for some of you, it might be a deal breaker.

If you’re going to buy this drone, you need to understand the specs.

First and foremost, understand that you’re going to get quality video, you’re going to get some HD 1080 awesome video using this quad.

You’re also going to have the ability to fly 31 minutes with your battery and you’re going to be able to go about 45 miles an hour. In addition, a self-heating battery developed specifically for the Mavic 2 Enterprise will allow the drone to perform reliably in adverse weather conditions as low as 10 below Celsius, 14 degrees Fahrenheit.

You also get 24 Gigabytes of onboard storage, DJI Air Sense and this drone is compatible with of course the DJI pilot mobile app which is very user friendly. The Mavic 2 Enterprise uses the same Mavic 2 Zoom one third 12 megapixels CMOS sensor that is stabilized by a three axis gimbal. The camera also has a two time optical and three time digital zoom capability.

Some of these accessories that you can get with the Mavic 2 Enterprise is a spotlight. A dual spotlight with a brightness of 2400 lumens. It’s great for your nighttime missions, low light areas. The spotlight is ideal for Michigan search and rescue drone pilots as well as inspection applications. So that spotlight really comes in handy if you need to fly at night.

The DJI Mavic 2 Enterprise also comes with a speaker. A loud speaker with a maximum projection of 100 decibels and it lets search and rescue drone pilots play up to 10 custom voice recordings on demand providing a communications channel to nearby individuals that can be critical during lifesaving emergency operations.

Another accessory that you can get with the DJI Enterprise is a beacon. This is designed with US Federal AVA night waver standards in mind. The beacon will feature a bright flashing strobe visible from three miles away. So again, another tool that can be used to save lives and cut down on time and let people know that help is on the way.

The Mavic 2 Enterprise also comes equipped with DJI Air Sense Technology, which helps improve drone pilots situational awareness, and enhance airspace safety. The Mavic 2 Enterprise is essentially a Mavic 2 Zoom with the capabilities of putting some accessories on board your quad or onboard your drawn there, which in a lot of situations geared toward first responders, that’s going to be an ideal drone.

What it comes down to is, it worth the price tag? The price of the Mavic 2 Enterprise universal edition, which includes the quad, the remote, one battery, and all three mountable accessories: the beacon, the speaker and the spotlight. You get all three of those accessories and a protector case with flight tools for $1,999. So for 2 grand you’re getting a pretty amazing quad that is perfect for Michigan search and rescue drone pilots.

They do offer a Fly More Kit, which includes two batteries. So essentially you’ll have three batteries all together. One battery charging hub, one car charger, and one USB connector, one soft case and two propellers. And that Fly More Kit will be an additional $419. So for 2,400 you’re going to get the Mavic 2 Enterprise and the Fly More Kit. This is probably the best way to go. You’re going to save money in the long run.

At the beginning of the video, I mentioned that there were several things that I liked. You’ve heard about those. And I said there was one thing that I didn’t like. If you’re near an airport, the drone won’t take off regardless of whether you have FAA permission or not. You have to get special permission, get an unlock code from DJI and who knows how long that could take. So despite all the great things that are on this drone geared toward first responders and emergency responders, that geo fencing inside all DJI drones, including this one could cause problems. So be advised that if you are a law enforcement agency or a first responders agency thinking about buying this drone, that the geo fencing will also be in the Mavic 2 Enterprise.

I hope you found this video informative. I hope you liked it. If you did, share it with your friends. Hit that like icon. Also go to my YouTube channel you can see a lot more of my videos. Hit the bell notification so that you’ll be notified when I make future videos. And of course, you can see more of my work at my website: ronrobinsonstudios.com. Thanks for joining us. We’ll see you next time for another episode of Tips & Tech Talk. So long.

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