Hey there! Welcome to another episode of Tips & Tech Talk. I’m your host, Ron. I’m joined again by Keith Stonehouse from Michigan Real Estate Masterminds. And today, we’re going to talk about four more ways that you can increase you referrals. Like we mentioned last week, networking your business and growing you business through referrals is a very complicated task. That’s why today we’re going to give you four more ways that you can increase those referrals.

#1 Co-create and Invent with Referral Partners

Ron: Keith talk to me about some of the ways or some of the events that you can co-create with some of your referral partners.

Keith: Sure, and this is something that I love to do and it comes natural to me. I’ve done it over the last 17 years of being in business. Automatically you connect with somebody that your’re referring business to and getting referrals from. So you want to help that person and they want to help you. So you can create bowling fundraisers, movie nights, networking happy hour mixers, boat nights or charity events that are for a like minded charity. You bring in your business professionals, they bring in their business professionals for their spheres of influence.

It’s a great way to give back to that person, and they’re always going to refer you. And now they’re referring the people at the event to you. So it’s a way of doing business without even trying.

Ron: What’s more is, when you’re at these events, you set your referral partner up to succeed and talk them up to these people that you haven’t met before.

Because essentially, that is how they’re going to get business. And that person is going to want to do what? Give you referrals.

Keith: For more business, absolutely.

#2 Treat Your Referrals Right

Ron: Now this is something that most people would think is common sense. But when someone gives you a referral and sends business your way, it’s on you to make sure that that customer is handled right, so that the person that gave you the referral looks good.

Keith: Right, and when we talk about this, the first kind of thing that you think of is, well, you treat everyone equally, right? Well, of course you do. Treat everyone equally. But there is a standard that you’re going to put that referral a little bit higher with how you treat them because it is a gift. You just received a gift, and how do you treat a gift? So you have to treat them as a gift, and put them a little higher and take care of them with white gloves. And in in turn, that person is going to refer you more business. And that’s how you keep the circle rolling.

#3 Mention Referral Partners Online

Ron: Mention your referral partners business in an article or maybe a Vlog. This is a great way to get your referral partners names out there to someone who may not know about them isn’t it Keith?

Keith:Yeah that’s kind of what we’re doing right now right? For example, tag them in a post. Every day, find a different person that refers you business, or has referred you business yesterday, or ten years ago. Tag them in a post. Do a video about them. Share it on YouTube. Share it on LinkedIn. Share it on Instagram. Share it on Twitter. Share it on all of them. Aways tag somebody. Find something every single day to to tag somebody who has referred you business and shared their business in some shape or form.

#4 Give Your Referral Partners Testimonials

Ron: Write a testimonial or better yet, record a video testimonial about one of your referral partners. Now, this is a little different than three, and you’re going a little bit more comprehensive then just mentioning them you’re actually giving them a full testimonial about their service.

Keith: Well again, I think this is great that at times three and four, we just talked about that. This gives them a little bigger of a push for those folks that are referring new business.  After that transaction closes that they refer to you, you give the testimonial about that transaction and thank that person in that testimonial video. And I think that’s great, you can plug the business as well.

Ron: Especially when you do it unsolicited.

Keith: Correct, yes, and that’s the whole idea. They’re not doing it thinking that you’re going to do that because most people don’t do that. They don’t spend the extra time to do this kind of stuff.

Scroll through your Facebook. How often do you see these things?  So you’re going to separate from everyone else by doing it at all. Be proactive, do something for them, earn that next deal. Just because you’re doing and giving them great service doesn’t mean you’ve automatically earned it. They can go anywhere at anytime, but that’s the way our world works. So step it up and give them a testimonial video, or tag them in something and share something on their behalf.

Ron: And always keep in mind that you have to give to get, no one is thinking about you if you’re not being proactive and trying to get business for them. You have to be proactive. Networking, and networking your business, more specifically, is very counter intuitive. You have to give to get.

So it’s kind of a cliche in business networking, but it is true. You have to give to get. So I hope you gained some knowledge. I hope you’ll learn something today. I hope maybe you can apply one of these tips and increase your referrals. If you did like this video or you did find it informational  please like it and share it with your friends. Also, go to my YouTube channel. Check out some more of my videos. Click that icon to make sure that you’re notified when I make future videos. And of course, go to ronrobinsonstudios.com where you can see even more videos. Tune in next week, we’ll be talking about five things you need to know before you buy a drum.

Thanks again for for joining us, thank you for watching us and we’ll see you next time right here on.

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