Hey there. Welcome to another episode of Tips & Tech Talk, I am your host, Ron, a Michigan video marketer and I am joined today by Keith Stonehouse, founder of Michigan Real Estate Masterminds and Franklin Title. Today we’re going to talk about networking. More specifically, we’re going to talk about 4 ways that you can increase your referral flow.

Now business networking can be very fickle because the objectivity is to get the most referrals you can for your business. But how do you get those referrals?

1. Ask a Referral Partner to Speak in a Group You’re Affiliated With

Now this is something Keith does on a regular basis. Talk about how this gives you referrals.

Keith Stonehouse:

So I created Michigan Real Estate Masterminds and we have nine to ten lunch and learns every single month for real estate agents, mortgage loan officers and professionals under the real estate umbrella. I ask my referral partners, the folks that I surround myself with that have help grow Franklin Title Agency and Michigan Real Estate Masterminds to come and speak on a topic that not only provides value to those in real estate industry but demonstrates that the speaker is a leader in their own field.

Ron Robinson:

Networking a lot of times is very counter intuitive. But when you reach out and you help other people by putting them in front of a group that normally they wouldn’t be a part of, it gives them exposure. As a result, they will want to help you out and return the favor by getting you more referrals.

Keith Stonehouse:
Absolutely, growing other folk’s business always grows your business in turn.

2. Retweet or Share Content Promoting the Business of Your Referral Partners

Ron Robinson:

When you share content from your referral partners, it makes them want to share your content. This is vital and getting more referrals.

Keith Stonehouse:
Whether it be Linkedin, Facebook or Instagram, share whatever it is they are trying to promote in their business. For example, maybe a real estate agent has a listing that they’re trying to promote, or a mortgage agent is talking about an update in the market.

I’ll try to share that stuff and add a little blurm, a little flavor of my own. And that goes out to my world and other people will share from there.

Ron Robinson:
Not to mention, I know I’m conscious if I see somebody sharing my content on a regular basis. So next time I see that they’re promoting their business, guess what I’m doing?

3. Invite Your Referral Partners to Your Social Circles

Ron Robinson:

Set your referral partners up for success. Talk them up and make sure they feel welcome when you introduce them to your friends.

Keith Stonehouse:

Half of the guys that stood up at my wedding are clients of referral partners.

So whether it’s pulling them into your golf league, putting together a foursome in a scramble or visiting happy hour mixers, bring these referral partners and clients together. You’re going to get that much closer with them and in turn, create a stronger bond and generate more referrals and closed deals.

Ron Robinson:

And it’s about trust ultimately because they will trust you more, if they see that you are trusting. It’s all about trust with referrals.

Keith Stonehouse:

That’s all it is. Remember, it’s all about trust. If you’re trying to build a lifelong business, you have to create that trust with your clients.
And trust comes from friendships, from family and why not spend that time with your clients creating that trust with family and friends?

4.Invite a Current Strong Referral Partner to Your Networking Group

Ron Robinson:

A lot of people forget about how important this is. Why is this important Keith?

Keith Stonehouse:

Too often we forget the referral partners that we already have and how we can connect them with the people that we work with, that we know and who we love.
This actually ties all of the three previous tips together. When you bring them in your social circles, your business networking circles, your business structure circles, you’re bringing those folks together with like minded people.

And they’re going to associate with these like minded people that are helping you grow your business, in turn growing their business. Referrals abundance, it’s a beautiful thing.

Ron Robinson:

What if they don’t have a network?

Keith Stonehouse:

If they don’t have a networking group, you can create your own network, whether it’s online or in person. Or join an LBN, a BNI, an SNG, or a chamber of commerce. Whether it’s a Michigan real estate Master Minds, where you create your own actual networking group, it doesn’t take that much. It seems very overwhelming and intimidating, but if you have a solid core of business referral partners and you are under one umbrella in your industry, focus on that umbrella, bring those like-minded folks together and watch the magic happen.

It’s a beautiful thing.

Ron Robinson:

Long gone are the days of handing out a business card to 100 people and expecting to get business. That’s not how business is done anymore. You have to give to get, you have to help others for them to want to help you.

The more you help somebody else, the more you help your referral partners, the more referrals you’re gonna find coming your way.

I hope you liked this video, if you did, hit that like button, share it with your friends. Check out more videos on my YouTube channel, make sure you hit that bell icon so that you’re notified when I make future videos and of course go to my website at ronrobinsonstudios.com and you can see just scores and scores of awesome videos.

I want to thank Keith Stonehouse for joining me today. Tune in again next week. Keith will be a guest again next week, as we talk about 4 more ways that you can increase your referrals. Thanks for joining me. We’ll see you next time for another episode of Tips & Tech Talk.

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