Welcome to another episode of Tips & Tech Talk. I’m your host, Ron, a Metro Detroit drone pilot. Today I will be discussing the features and intelligence of the DJI Spark.

Now the DJI Spark is what I call the ultimate selfie drone because it has quick shots through the DGI Go app – the DGI Go 4 app, that is. It has four automated intelligent modes that you can capture video with your Spark.

DJI Spark Shot 1 – The Helix

The first one we’re gonna talk about is the Helix. This is where your Spark will fly upwards while circling your target, with the camera facing your target. All four of these quick shots, none of them can be attained unless you first choose a subject.

DJI Spark Shot 2 – The Rocket

The second shot that you can obtain through the DGI Go 4 app is the Rocket. This is where your Spark will fly directly up with the cameras facing down on the subject. So it’ll first grab the subject from right above and then it will fly up much like a rocket would.

DJI Spark Shot 3 – The Circle

The third movement is the Circle. Now, until the Mavic Air came out, this movement was exclusive to the DGI Spark. The Circle is when your Spark orbits your chosen subject, while focusing the camera on that subject. And this mode, like I said, I think is only available on the Spark and the Mavic.

DJI Spark Shot 4 – The Droning

And then fourth is my favorite – the Droning. This is where your Spark flies upwards and backwards while fixed on your chosen subject, because again, to get any four of these shots, you must first choose a subject on your monitor, on your smartphone through the DJI Go 4 app.

There you have it, four movements that just with a tap of a button, you can get these great looking video shots through your DJI Spark and the DJI Go 4 app.

So if you are in the market for a drone, the DJI Spark might just be the drone for you at $399.00 for the drone.  It is $599.00 for the Fly More package which gives you the remote, a couple of batteries and a battery charger to boot. It’s a very cool drone.

Another thing that I forgot to mention is one of the negative things about the Spark is that it has 2 access gimbal where a lot of the other DGI drones has a three access gimbal. But ultimately, should not be a problem unless you’re flying it in sport mode.  I should bring that up now when it’s in sport mode this thing can cruise at about 31 miles an hour.

So there’s a lot of good things about the DJI Spark, very few bad things but it’s a very solid drone. $399.00 and $599.00 for the Fly More package. But this DGI Spark (especially with it’s small footprint) is a very cool drone.  If this is in your budget you might wanna look at this DGI Spark.

Metro Detroit Drone Pilot Discusses Features and Intelligence of DJI Spark

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