Hi, and welcome to another episode of Tips and Tech Talk. I’m your host Ron and we’re here in West Palm Beach, Florida to talk about five things you need to know before you go flying your drone.

With each passing year and each passing month, as a matter of fact, more and more people are flying quads, flying photography drones. So today we’re gonna talk about five things you need to know before you fly your drone in West Palm Beach. Now there’s a lot of drones out there. You’ve got the Bebop, you’ve the Micro Drone, you’ve got the Typhoon, and of course, DJI Owns 70% of the market.

They just came out with the Mavic Air, there are rumors coming out that they’re gonna have the Mavic Pro Two but the Phantom Five might be coming out soon as well this year. So more and more people are flying drones and getting out and participating in this awesome, not only activity, but business-making venture.

So today we’re gonna talk about five things you need to know before you go flying your drone in West Palm Beach.

Drone Tip #1

First and foremost, what you need to understand is if you are piloting a drone, you are solely responsible for that flight. A little helpful hint for people who are watching someone flying a drone, don’t bother them while the quad’s in the air because, again, they’re concentrating on the flight of that quad and they’re responsible for the flight.

If your quad is 0.55 pounds or more, you must register it with the FAA. Now, for a little while, that wasn’t the case after a court ruled in favor of John Taylor, a California lawyer saying that there was unconstitutional. But Washington has recently made a law that if you are going to fly a drone, and it weighs more than 0.55 pounds you have to register it with the FAA.

Drone Tip #2

Number two flying over or near airports is strictly prohibited. Also there’s some National Parks where it is against the law to fly a drone. Make sure you check your local regulations and laws to find out where you can fly your drone.

Drone Tip #3

You can’t fly your drone over 400 feet above ground level unless you’re tracking or photographing a structure or a building.

In that case, you can go 400 feet above the top of that structure. The important thing here is you have to keep your drone in line of sight. That means the pilot or a spotter has to be able to visually see the drone at all times. You also must defer to aircraft, helicopters and fixed wing airplanes get the right of way.

Drone Tip #4

If you are using your quad for business purposes – anything in the pursuit of business,  not only do you have to have your drone registered, but you yourself, or someone who is piloting your drone must be certified by the FAA, and every two years, must take a test to certify that person as an FAA UA certified pilot.

FYI, the cost to take a test every two years is $150.00 Even if you fail there are no refunds.

Drone Tip #5

Know what your quad can do, but more importantly, know what it cannot do and don’t push its limits. Keep your drone in the parameters of what it’s designed to do.

Every drone is different so make sure you know what your drone can and can’t do. But the most important thing is to fly safe and have fun. Because after all, these drones are quite amazing and the captured video and photography that they produce is quite extraordinary.

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