Video Marketing Ideas for Dentists

Video Marketing Ideas for Dental Professionals

As a professional video marketer, clients often ask me, what types of videos should I be doing?

Although it’s true that there is a basic template to follow for every business – a fine balance of educational and promotional content, every industry is different because every industry has a different audience with different concerns and needs.

So what about dental patients? What topics will resonate with people and make your business stand out from other practices in your area?

One emotion associated with dentistry is fear, so dental professionals should strive to keep potential patients at ease when producing video content.

If you are a dentist looking for video marketing ideas, here are 6 topics to inspire you.

Introduce the Dentist and Staff Members

Video allows you and your staff to create a personal connection with potential clients. Simply introducing yourself and giving a tour of your office can help relieve some fear that dental patients may face. Explain how long you have been practicing dentistry. Is there a specific reason you chose this profession?

Explain a Dental Procedure

Dental procedures can sound pretty scary especially with all the misinformation out there on social media and other online forums. Why not explain what can be expected from an actual dental procedure, such as route canals, or even cosmetic procedures, such as whitening or veneers? Simply explaining how dental work is performed can help people relax and perhaps debunk certain myths they may have heard.

Record a Dental Procedure

This takes things one step further from explaining the procedure and shows people exactly what they can expect from a dental visit. Not every dental procedure may be suitable for recording – especially if your goal is to help your patients relax. But there are several non-invasive procedures to record, especially cosmetic dentistry, and the before and afters can have a lot of impact. Be sure to get permission from the patient participating in the video.

Give Dental Health Tips

When trying to resonate with any audience, always provide people with information that benefits them.

Produce a video on what foods to avoid to prevent cavities. Or provide tips on how to avoid oral cancer. People will always be interested in information that enriches either their lives or the lives of their loved ones.

Talk About Dental Products

As a dentist you may have a preference about what toothpaste to use or maybe you have certain products in office that you prefer. For example, which is better whitening trays or whitening lights? This falls under giving tips or helpful information but focuses on specific products. Remember, people are typically interested in learning on how these products can benefit their lives.

Interview a Dental Patient

Patient testimonials can have a lot of impact – especially those captured on video. Interview your patients after a procedure or during a follow up visit. Ask the patient how they felt about the process and the results. This is another way to help potential patients feel more comfortable about having dental work done.

Do you Need Video Marketing for Your Dental Practice?

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