Hey, there. Welcome to a holiday episode of Tips & Tech Talk. Today, we’re playing with the HERO GoPro Black 6. I haven’t used my GoPro lately. The DJI Osmo Pocket will come out soon but let’s see what my GoPro 6 can do. Here we are, going for a little walk in Utica, taking the pooch for a walk on our way to a baked goods sale at the Utica Library.

Yes, I’m fully aware that the microphone, like on most cameras, internally leaves a lot to be desired. But, I want to see the good quality video, see what kind of video quality I’m getting with this GoPro. So let’s take a walk.

Ron: Utica Library is having a bake sale today?

Jan: Yep.

Ron: What kind of baked goods do you think they’re going to have?

Jan: Cookies and brownies.

Ron: Cookies and brownies. We justify going to purchase these baked goods, because we’re walking, right?

Jan: Yes, and now we can eat them.

Ron: The logic in that makes sense in my head. You’re not going to get the quality of video with this GoPro HERO Black 6 that you’re going to get with a DSL-R camera, or something with a fixed lens, a mirror-less camera that’s out now, simply because the size of the lens. It’s not capturing as much information, hence, you’re not going to get the quality of video. So, it’s not really fair to compare the GoPro to a DSL-R, or even the new mirror-less cameras out on the market, but you can’t deny the quality of video that this camera takes, especially in the daylight.

I love how Bailey just waits there for us to open the gate so she can spring free, like a convict. Are you a convict waiting to get out of jail? What do you have to say for yourself? The warden’s got a key, but you got to go out with the ankle bracelet. What are those called?

Jan: Tether.

Ron: If you want to get out, you got to get …

Jan: Tethered.

Ron: Tethered. One of the many things I love about Utica is the path, the bike path, the walk path, along the river. Even in the winter time it’s awesome. You know that tale that if you follow the yellow brick road you’ll get to the rainbow, or you’ll get to the pot of gold?

Well, if you go to the end of the trail in Utica, it’s not a pot of gold – it’s baked goods.

It’s baked goods at Utica Library. At the end of the trail, although it’s not a yellow brick trail, or road. A beautiful downtown area in Utica. And today, there’s a bake sale, although when you’re seeing this, the bake sale has already happened, so don’t go there thinking you’re going to get baked goods, because it’s already happened.

Everything that’s here, well, mostly everything is homemade, made with love. It’s very good and, yes, we’re happy to be here.

You’ve got baked goods, but you guys also got stuff for the kids, right?

Bake Sale Organizer 1: Yes, this is the first year we’ve done this and, as you can see, kids are turning out for this. They’re making Christmas ornaments. Katie does a fantastic job.

Ron: Now, you’re the organizer of this?

Bake Sale Organizer 1:Yes. She’s the organizer of the crafts.

Ron: How did this become chocolate and peanut butter here?

Bake Sale Organizer 2: Well, in order to hopefully, bring more people into the bake sale, we did another program that would hopefully just go along with the whole holiday theme and get families in here. I kind of figured if the kids were in here doing a craft, they might also want to get some goodies.

Ron: So far, what have the kids created, just whatever they want?

Bake Sale Organizer 2: I left out a table of stuff where they can actually just get as creative as they want. So, they can do something where it’s just markers, these little ones, or even bigger and better.

There’s some examples of some bead stuff, or these are the clay ornaments that they can decorate, or there’s these ornaments. You can just get as creative as you want, so I just left it up to them. I wanted to see the creation.

Ron: What do they do with them? They just hand them in or take them home?

Bake Sale Organizer 2: They can take them home. Yeah. I’m hoping that, even next year, we can get maybe a bigger tree and I can have people help decorate our tree. Then they can also take some home, as well.

Ron: I’m here to look at the baked goods and I came across something even better. It’s the history of Utica, Michigan. And, I also ran into some luminaries in Utica. For those people who don’t know, introduce yourself.

Pat:I’m Pat Holman, president of the Utica Heritage Association.

Gloria:And, I’m Gloria Grove-Holman.

Jacqueline:Jacqueline Newnan.

Gloria: Well, we’ve got all this wonderful Utica Heritage merchandise here to sell. We’ve got the History of Utica books, we’ve got the note cards with historic sketches on it, and the great T-shirts and sweatshirts that are very reasonably priced. All the money that we raise goes to projects within the city of Utica.

Ron: The history of Utica, Michigan. There’s so much great information on there.

Jacqueline: You’ll find that the book from beginning to end is fascinating, and it’s wonderful and its pictorial appreciation of how people, everyday people, from farmers to business people to educators shaped a good 200 years of history. We’re very proud of the book because it does lend credit to all those wonderful people.

The city’s tag name of the Pioneer City is definitely well named. 1817 is not a time to be sneezed at. It’s well over 100 years since the French first settled here in Detroit in 1701, but it is definitely one of the oldest communities in Macomb County.

Ron: So, there you have it. We go to a bake sale at the Utica Library and we run into the former mayor, Jackie Newnan, and the authors of that fantastic book. You never know what’s going to happen when you go for a walk.

So, this is a Tips and Tech talk, I suppose I should give another summation of this camera. Well, I like this camera. It does what it’s supposed to do. I like that it shoots good quality video in the daylight. I don’t like the quality of video it takes at night and I don’t like the internal microphone. Other than that, it’s a good quality camera. For the price, you could do a lot worse. There you have it. There’s my thoughts on the GoPro HERO Black 6.

I hope you like this video. If you did, hit that like icon. Share it with all your friends. Go over to my YouTube channel. Hit that go, notification, subscribe, so you’ll be notified when I make future videos. Of course, go to my website, and see a lot more videos at ronrobinsonstudios.com. Thanks for watching. Have a Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, and we’ll see you next time for another episode of Tips & Tech Talk.

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