The Importance of Professional Headshots

Today we’re talking about the importance of having headshots for your business in Troy, MI.

Welcome to another episode of Tips and Tech Talk. I am your host, Ron, joined by special guest C.C. from Simple Home Lending. How you doing today?

C.C. : I am doing good. How are you?

Ron: I am fantastic. Thank you. Well, today we’re here to talk about the importance of having professional headshots. Now when people think of professional headshots, they think well I need them for LinkedIn. And that is true. However, there’s a lot of versatility and a lot of ways that you can utilize professional headshots. That’s why we’re here talking to C.C., because you guys here at Simple Home Lending and your Michigan Real Estate Masterminds, there’s a lot of people who utilize headshots. Talk to me about some of the ways that you guys here at Simple Home Lending use headshots.

C.C. : Well, at Simple Home Lending, we definitely like to put our headshot on our flyers. And we co-brand with realtors. Being in the real estate industry, or any other industry where you make flyers, putting a professional headshot on there just makes everything more cohesive. You have a cohesive message with a cohesive brand with a cohesive photo.

Ron:  So I also noticed that you have headshots as you walk into the building here. There’s headshots of everyone that works here. That’s another way you can utilize headshots.

C.C. :  I think that’s vitally important. So when we have clients that come in, as soon as they walk in, they see our staff right there on the wall. They know who they’re talking to, who our processors are, who the receptionist is. We’re all right there equal on the wall.

Ron: So in addition to social media like LinkedIn and other avenues, you could put it on flyers. You could put them in your home office. Lots of ways you can utilize professional headshots. But C.C., you’re a big advocate of putting your headshot on your email. Talk to me about why that is.

C.C. : I am. I think putting your photo underneath your signature block or just above it, whichever way you want, is just an A-class move.

Ron: The quality on the smartphones and the tablets is phenomenal, but when you hire a professional who’s using DSLR, who’s using high quality lenses, you’re gonna get a dynamic range that just can’t be taken by a phone with the small lens that you get on one of your smartphones. So it’s very important, if you wanna look professional, you need to hire a professional.

C.C. : And doing that, getting a headshot, you’re investing in yourself and in your business.

Ron: And that always pays off in the end. I hope you learned something in today’s video. I hope you liked it. If you did, hit that like notification. Share it with all your friends. Also go to my YouTube channel. You can see a lot more of my videos. Make sure you subscribe. Hit that bell notification button. That way YouTube will notify you when I make a future video.

Looking for Professional Headshots in Troy, MI?

If you are looking for headshots or business photography contact Ron Robinson Studios in Troy, Michigan.

Ron Robinson also provides professional video or drone footage for any type of business. If you’re looking for more videos, you can go to my website and see what we do there, I want to thank you for joining me. I want to thank C.C. for joining me. We’ll see you next time right here for another episode of Tips and Tech Talk. So long.

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