Hi there, and welcome to the first episode of Tips and Tech Talk. I’m your host, Ron Robinson. And while everybody’s raving about this year’s North American International Auto Show, a show you might have missed happened earlier this month in Las Vegas – The 2018 CES or Consumer Electronics Show.

This is basically where all companies, big and small come to unveil the latest in high tech gadgets. Samsung, one of the big winners this year, as they unveil the family hub refrigerator. This fridge can do things straight out of an episode of the Jetsons. It can let you know when your food expires. Also with onboard HD cameras, you can see what’s going on inside your fridge without opening up the door. So you can see what you need without opening up the door. Still a concept. No word on the price. Samsung expects to release this in the next couple years.

Also a concept put out by Samsung was their wall television. This is a 146 inch television set with LEDs, micro LEDs and has abilities never seen before. This television has contrast and dynamic range to take things up another level.

Also in news not related to Samsung, LG put out an awesome TV as they put out a 65 inch, 4K wallpaper OLED TV. This rolls up and it is easily hidable.

Not to be outdone, going back to Samsung, they also unveiled an 8K, 85 inch TV. So lots of new stuff in the line of television sets for you to be on the lookout for.

There was also healthcare tech on display this year, none more impressive than a diabetes smart boot by Sensoria Health. Using pressure sensors and other technologies,this smart boot, which is designed to reduce amputations, has the ability to measure a diabetes patient’s compliance to prescribed protocol. Very cool technology.

Best robot or drone didn’t go to something that flew in the air. This year it went to a Sony product, the Aibo. The Sony Aibo is a dog robot that can mimic you and it can be trained. And although, yes, it is cute, if you’re thinking about getting this little dog, you might want to save your money. The Aibo costs $1,600 plus a monthly fee for this little home pet.

Several automakers were at the CES this year, unveiling their autonomous vehicles. None more impressive than the Toyota e-Pallete Mobility concept car. This took home three best of awards. Once fully realized, the Toyota e-Palette will be a fully electronic autonomous vehicle which will double as an e-commerce hub. It’s basically like a limo and a mall all in one. Essentially, whatever you want at your fingertips.

Now Toyota plans to start testing the vehicle in 2020 and you could also see it during the 2020 Olympics so look for that. These are just a few of the hundreds of new tech products that were on display at this year’s CES. Nevertheless, I hope you learned something new.

Tune in to the next episode. I’ll be discussing live streaming and it’s advantages. See you then.

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