Live Streaming Video for Business

Live Streaming Remote Broadcasts

Every Business Needs video. While this is very true, what is becoming more prominent is Live Streaming Video. Social media has changed the way consumers watch promotional videos.

Consumers want information fast and they want it now. What could be better than a live, remote broadcast from your building, warehouse, restaurant or storefront to share your wears to consumers who are looking for what you are offering?

Today just about every major video social media sharing platforms use live streaming.


Facebook, YouTube, Vimeo, Twitter, Instagram & Livestream among others

Ron Robinson Studios is located in Oakland County, MI and provides live streaming and remote broadcasts for businesses throughout Metro Detroit. Contact our video production studio for a Strategy Session.

Introducing the Mevo Plus Camera

Ron Robinson Studios is pleased to announce the addition of the Mevo Plus to our arsenal. With the Mevo Plus we can now live stream for our clients using multiple different camera angles.

Anyone can have someone hold a camera phone and stream live from an event, but RRS can help you set yourself apart from your competition by streaming live utilizing up to nine different camera angles and broadcasting in 1080 HD.

Depending on the event, multiple camera angles can enhance your live stream and makes the presentation far more entertaining and more professional.

Live Streaming is Perfect For …

Business grand openings, sale events, restaurant specials, book stores with a special author or a reading event, chamber events, hair salons, massage therapists and that’s just scratching the surface.

However the main reason you should be streaming to promote your business is to build your fan base while building your brand. Ron Robinson Studios can help you increase your client base. Call today to see what RRS can do for you!

Don’t want to go Live but still want that live streaming look? Ron Robinson Studios can accommodate your business for just about any event.

First, one must understand, not everything is Live stream worthy and finding the right kind of content that will draw an audience is crucial.

Live streaming properly creates a showcase platform that directly connects a business to its customers and provides would be customers a better understanding of your products and services.

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