Hey there and welcome to another episode of Tips & Tech Talk. I am your host, Ron, a drone pilot in Southeast Michigan. And today, we’re talking about the top five drones on the market. So before we get started I must preface this by saying that if you are thinking about buying a drone, you have a huge advantage over some of us early drone pilots. Preparing for this video, I found the very first flight of my very first drone, December 25, 2013. I got a Phantom 2 and here it is taking my GoPro HERO 3 for a ride.

As scary as that flight was, here’s what happened a few days later. The truth is, that drone had a lot of internal problems. I sent it back and got my money back.  I then bought the Phantom 2 which wasn’t much better. This time the camera was attached, but it still got a lot of jello. But DJI and other drone companies have come a long way since then and right now there’s a lot of cool drones with a lot of cool features out there. So without further ado, here are my top five drones on the market today.

First let me preface by saying that when I say the top five drones,  the two factors I consider the most are quality and price. So with that in mind, here in my opinion are the top five drones that are available for purchase today.

#5 Mavic Pro

Coming in at $999.00 and $1,299.00 for the Fly More package, the Mavic Pro is still a player and is still, I think, one of the top five drones on the market today. There’s really not a lot to say. There’s already been a lot said about the Mavic Pro. A lot of people love it.

#4  Mavic Air

The Mavic Air comes in at $799.00 and $999.00 for the Fly More package. And that drone is very small. It’s easy to travel with and it shoots in 4K at 30 frames per second. So the quality and the price combined for the Mavic Air brings it in at number four.

#3 Autel EVO

At $999.00, this drone is phenomenal. The footage, the quality of footage on the Autel EVO is fantastic. Another reason that I love the Autel EVO is there’s no geofencing. With the DJI products, you’re going to get inside the drone geofencing so it’s not going to allow the drone to fly near airports. One of the reasons that the Autel EVO is so attractive is because if you do get work with a search and rescue team or municipality and your drone is already grounded because of geofencing, you’re not going to be able to help that emergency crew not only train, but in real world situations, because of the geofencing in the drone. With the Autel EVO, there is no geofencing. The drone operator alone is responsible for obeying all the FAA guidelines.

#2 DJI Spark

Now you may be surprised by number two. Two is the DJI Spark. Now I may be biased but like I said, the quality and the price were the two main factors when considering what drone you should buy. So, because this drone shoots at 1080 at 30 frames per second and it is so small and compact, I love traveling with this drone. Another advantage of using this drone is when you’re flying a larger drone, people are intimidated by it. When you’re flying something like this, they’re like oh that’s very cute, how cute, it’s a cute little toy. But the truth is this captures some stunning 1080, 30 frames per second video and because of that, in combination with the fact that the Spark here can be purchased for $399.00 or $549.00 for the Fly More package, and it is so small and easy to travel around with, this comes in at number two.

#1 Phantom 4 Pro

And the number one drone on the market in my opinion today, bar none, is the Phantom 4 Pro. This one is the version 2.0 but ultimately the Phantom 4 Pro is still top dog on the market. It’s the best drone out there. The quality of video that you get from this one inch sensor on the Phantom 4 Pro, it’s just the best out there. So the quality of video is top notch, the best quality camera you’re going to get unless you want to spend 5 or $10,000.00 to get a drone. You might have noticed that the Mavic 2 Pro and the Mavic 2 Zoom were not on here. Quite frankly because I think the Mavic Pro, because of its lesser price tag is better than the Mavic Zoom and the Mavic Pro 2, that’s having problems because they do have a one inch sensor but they’re not utilizing it. They’ve been getting a lot of bad press and essentially the big price tag is scaring a lot of second wave buyers from buying that Mavic 2.

I hope you learned something. I hope you liked this video. If you did, like it, share it with your friends. Also, go to my YouTube channel, hit that bell icon so that you’re notified when I make future videos. And of course, go to my website ronrobinsonstudios.com where you’ll have access to a whole lot more videos. Thanks again for joining me. We’ll see you next time for another episode of Tips & Tech Talk. So long.

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