Hey there, welcome to another episode of Tips &Tech Talk. I’m your host Ron. Today we’re gonna talk about five of my favorite aerial video shots for Michigan real estate listings. The Forward Reveal, the Tight Reveal, the Slide and Pan, the Pan Up and Away and the Forward Down and Pan.

First and foremost, before you ever put your quad in the air, you should always have an idea of what exactly the realtor is looking for.

Do they want certain angles? Do they want views from different heights? With that said, here are my favorite five drone video shots for real estate listings.

#1 Aerial Video Shot for Real Estate Listings –  The Forward Reveal

This cinematic shot really captures the landscape of your listing. It’s a must-have shot if you are listing a house with a lot of land and a lot to show off.

#2 Aerial Video Shot for Real Estate Listings – The Tight Reveal

This reveal shot is similar to the Forward Reveal only closer to your home with a tighter view of the property. This is great for neighborhoods with homes close to each other. This is also great for showing off features of a real estate listing’s yard area.

#3 Aerial Video Shot for Real Estate Listings – The Slide and Pan

I love this shot because of its versatility. With the Slide and Pan, you can show of features of the home, it’s roof, or a gutter system. But it’s also very useful if you want to highlight multiple homes at once, like in a new subdivision.

#4 Aerial Video Shot for Real Estate Listings – The Pan Up and Away

This is another amazing cinematic aerial shot for Michigan real estate as it reminds me of the opening shot you used to see in all the western movies. You start with a view of the saloon and with a crane the shot takes you up and over into a view of the entire town.  The Pan Up, much like the Forward Reveal, is a must get aerial shot for large properties.

#5 Aerial Video Shot for Real Estate Listings – The Forward Down and Pan

This is another good aerial shot if you’re shooting a Michigan listing that’s very close to another house. It really shows off, close up, the outside of your listing in a very cinematic fashion.

Need Aerial Video for Your Michigan Real Estate Listing?

There you have it, five of my favorite drone aerial media shots for real estate listings. I hope you like this video and hope you learned something. If you did, please hit that Like icon and share this with all your friends. Also check out more of my work at YouTube, subscribe to my channel, click that bell icon, and make sure you’re notified when I make future videos, and of course, look at more of my work at ronrobinsonstudios.com.

Or, if you are looking for a Michigan real estate drone pilot to capture aerial video for your listing, call Ron Robinson Studios today at: 586-256-3637​.

Tune in next week for another episode of Tips & Tech Talk. Thank you for watching. We’ll see you next time.

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