Video Marketing Ideas for Restaurants

It is no doubt that EVERY business can benefit from video marketing. But the actual video content may vary depending on the industry.

For example, restaurants and bars will want to convey the actual ambiance of their brick and mortar building, more so than other businesses. For this reason, we have put together 4 content ideas for those in the restaurant and hospitality industry.

Interview the Chef and Staff

The chef has a very important role in your restaurant. Why not make a video about them explaining their connection to the restaurant?  How long have they been with your company?  Is there a special story or history of your establishment?

You can also interview other staff members, especially those that have been working there for several years. This helps your audience connect with you on a personal level and also conveys that your company is a great place to work.

Interview Customers

Client testimonials are a must for any business – especially video testimonials.

Interview regular customers. Have them explain what they love about your restaurant and what keeps them coming back.

It is true that food is a huge part of the restaurant industry. But it’s also about the people, the atmosphere and sense of community.

Give a Tour of the Establishment

As mentioned, conveying the actual ambiance of your establishment is important for restaurant owners. So you will want to film every bit of the dining experience, from walking through the front door, to the chef cooking in the kitchen, the guests socializing and the bartender mixing drinks.

You can dedicate your video to this footage and maybe add some music. Or you can mix this footage in with your client and staff interviews. Either way, you are demonstrating the overall ambiance of your place.

Share Recipes

Another marketing approach is educational content. What helpful information can you share with your audience? How about recipes?

Now this can be a little tricky as you don’t want to give away all of your secrets. But if there is a simple recipe that you can share that would be helpful to others, or even general cooking tips, this content is highly shareable on social media and has the potential to go viral.

Contact a Video Marketer for Your Restaurant

So there you have it – 4 great video content ideas for your bar or restaurant. Are you ready to contact a professional to help you implement these ideas into your video marketing campaign?

Ron Robinson Studios works closely with expert marketing consultants to ensure that every video we produce speaks effectively and clearly to its direct market. We take great pride in creating amazing attention grabbing branding and themes for each campaign.

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