Ron: Hey there. Welcome to another episode of Tips and Tech Talk. I am your host, Ron, along with my special guest, Brian Alore from UnionHome Mortgage. Brian, thanks for joining us.

Brian: Hey, Ron, I appreciate you having me.

Ron: Thank you. Well today what we’re going to highlight what a specific business or an industry does to market oneself. And so today, I want to talk about what Brian does to market himself as a mortgage lender.

Marketing Ideas for Mortgage Lenders

Brian: Naturally I use Facebook. I think a lot of people use Facebook. We get our name out there. That’s the big thing. I do a lot of special mailers with my realtors – First time home buyers to apartment complexes.

Wedding events have been something that’s been coming up big. I’ve got a couple booths coming up at some wedding events.

Ron: I imagined you had to get real creative with your marketing vehicles and I’m not surprised, because if you think about it a lot of first time buyers are at bridal shows.

Brian: The bridal shows really seem to work and especially with MSHDA. We have that first time home buyer program out there right now with MSHDSA. They’ll actually give you $15,000 of forgivable money over a five year period to use towards down payment, closing costs and pre-paid. It’s a great program.

Ron: So when you go to these events, what do you pass out? Do you have literature?

Brian:  Yeah. We have a bunch of literature that we pass out. Pass out a bunch of trinkets and pens. Let people remember who you are. And when they get ready to buy their home, they know who they’re calling, and they get in touch with the realtor that I’m partnering up with on this, and we move forward.

Video Marketing for Mortgage Lenders

Ron: Another marketing tool that you’ve been utilizing quite a bit lately for your mortgage business is you’re doing video. How did this come to be? When did you start doing video, and what are you doing?

Brian: We started our weekly series called This Week In Real Estate.

I get 2 00-300 views every single Wednesday when that comes out. And it usually comes out around 8 o’clock in the morning, so I think people are looking for it now.

Ron: Because at the end of the day, it’s not rocket science. There’s no magic ingredient. You want to have top of mind awareness when an individual finds themselves in the market for what you provide. It’s not rocket science. That’s why the consistency is important. Talk about, it’s not just the video aspect, it’s releasing these on a consistent weekly basis. That’s been important for you as well.

Brian: Yeah. Every Wednesday, I release it about 8, 8:30 in the morning. Every single Wednesday it comes out and it will go for the whole 2019. Every Wednesday. We take off the holidays, naturally.

Ron: What’s the importance of that? The consistency?

Brian: Just people know – They know to look for it. People know you’re out there. They see it come up every week, and now all of a sudden they say, “Whoa. What’s he got to say this week?”  So video marketing has really worked out well for us promoting our mortgage business.

Ron:  It’s educational. It’s not just, “I’m Brian Alore. Get your home loan through me.” But you’re educating people on the industry, because there is a lot of pitfalls in the real estate umbrella, no?

Brian: Oh, absolutely. And I have a realtor with me every time on This Week In Real Estate. I bring a realtor friend on and we have some good conversation. In fact, we’ll be airing one tomorrow, so it’s a good one coming up tomorrow. So look forward to it around 8:20!

Ron:  All right. Well, what advice do you have one for someone that’s kind of tiptoeing their way around marketing? What would advice would you give to them?

Brian: Honestly. If you have it in your heart and you want to do video, definitely is the way to go. Get your name out there. The more people you get in front of, the more you’re in front of somebody. It’s just like Ron said. Top of mind. You want people to know that you’re out there, and the only way you’re going to know is to put it out there on video or put it out on social media. That’s the quickest way to get it out there.

Ron: Brian, thanks again for joining me. I appreciate it.

I hope you learned something. I hope you liked it. If you did, share it with your friends. Hit that like notification. Also, go to my YouTube channel. Make sure you subscribe there. Hit the bell notification so that you’ll be notified when I make future videos. And if you’re looking for promotional video or professional head shots for products, maybe photography I should say for your products or some head shots, head on over to my website,, and you can see a lot more videos at that website, as well. So thanks for joining is. We’ll see you next time for another episode of Tips and Tech Talk. So long.

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