Search & Rescue Drones

Our Drone services can provide first responders with true situational awareness.

Drones For Search & Rescue

There are many way RRS can help POLICE and FIRE departments.  From Aerial Surveying and Mapping to Search, Rescue and Disaster Response.  Our OBSTACLE AVOIDANCE TECH DRONES are ideal for POLICE and FIRE applications.

“When I’m called to a scene, I put myself next to the Chief or PIC and fly where I’m told so they can see what they need to see. ..I’m there to help and serve them…that’s it.”

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FIRE Departments

From observing Controlled burns from the air for educational purposes, to providing life saving inspections, RRS DRONES can assist FIRE FIGHTERS with multiple applications. Our DRONE CAMERAS can detect and record THERMAL-INFRARED ENERGY IMAGES and have the ability to ZOOM IN on an individual, a building, or a structure.  We can provide a LIVE STREAM feed for the FIRE CHIEF or the PIC, which means in REAL TIME, a Fire Fighter can detect where the fire burns the hottest, isolated hot spots, and identify safe entry points. Most importantly it can detect if a fire fighter or another individual are in peril.

RRS DRONES can greatly reduce the risk involved, by allowing Fire fighters to quickly and accurately assess all the dangers at the scene.  This is especially vital when approaching a scene that may contain dangerous or unknown materials.

Using DJI Drones with the latest in FLIR TECHNOLOGY, RRS can provide you with High quality THERMAL IMAGING.  Using our TECH DRONES that are specially designed for high stress situations, Fire Fighters can obtain so much more information. In fact, flying one of our “FORWARD LOOKING INFRARED SENSING DRONES over a fire, allows a FIRE CHIEF to collect 10 times the information.

Our DRONE services are ideal for training exercises and Educational Programs

Police Departments

The same technology we use for firefighting applications can be used for police departments. Our Optical ZOOM Camera DRONES provides PRECISION IMAGING capabilities. Whether it is a training exercise or aerial coverage of the scene of an accident, RRS DRONES can give you Crisp Close up HD Images in REAL TIME with the ability to LIVE STREAM.  This is also ideal for high stress situations like suspect tracking or for scene documentation of an emergency or disaster scene. Our DRONE CAMERAS can detect and record THERMAL-INFRARED ENERGY IMAGES and have the ability to ZOOM IN on an individual, a building, or a structure. This greatly reduces the risks to officers at any scene that utilizes one of our DRONES.

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There are many different brands and styles of camera “Drones” with a wide range in price. Because Ron Robinson Studios strives to capture the best aerial images possible, we utilize DJI “Drones” and are able to shoot 4k Video and snap photographs in several high quality formats including “raw”.
We also work hard to capture aerial views that will make people stop and stare. IF you need an experienced Aerial photographer, Ron Robinson Studios is for you

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