I can’t believe it’s been two years this month since we started publishing this “NewsLetter” …. yet it has. As we look back & ponder why RRS started writing the “Newsletter” to begin with…. It was to show business how important video is…As a way to get back to the basics…. This month’s “Newsletter will focus on 7 tips for creating effective “Testimonial” Videos.

1-Ask Good Questions

If you are lucky enough to get somebody to do a testimonial video for you and to get in front of a camera, you must come prepared…Ask questions that are going to garner the kind of responses that you’re looking for.


What you want to do is listen for keywords and listen for what they’re talking about. Because if they start talking about something you want to specifically emphasize, you might want to ask follow-up questions to expand on the responses they gave to the previous question.

3-Good Lighting and Backdrop

Before you conduct the interview, make sure that you have good lighting and a strong, solid backdrop or background for your subject to stand in front of.

4 – Use a Tripod

So, use a tripod, something that holds your camera still while you’re recording the subject as they’re giving their testimonial. If you can’t use a tripod, try to keep your camera as steady as possible. But again, I recommend a tripod and sometimes you can get a tripod on the phone cases.

5 – Use an External Microphone

It’s essential to get good audio. Try to use an external mic, if possible. If you can’t use an external mic, make sure you get the camera as close to the subject as possible. The farther away the subject is from the camera or your external microphone, the worse the sound is going be

6 – Editing Your Video

Edit your videos into short video snippets for a testimonial montage or one standalone testimonial video. Again, you want to keep your content short to one subject at a time.

7 – Have a Call of Action

Whatever you want your perspective viewer of this video to do, you have to make sure you give them specific directions. Have a call of action. It is also very essential that you have some branding. Make sure the person that watches the video knows who is making the video and who is being advertised…to learn more, watch the video ”7 tips for creating effective “Testimonial” Videos”. below



VIRAL VIDEO VAULT: This month’s Viral Video was published in 2011…However it is still very entertaining…I present “Man’s First Escalator Ride”

Watch it and let me know what you think.

COMING UP THIS MONTH: We are excited to be working on several new episodes of “Tips and Tech Talk” …Look for the new show every Friday coming in March …If you would like info on a certain tech product or would like a DIY video about a certain Brand of Marketing, Networking or Social Media…. What do you want to learn about?  Send us your thoughts and ideas to ron@ronrobinsonstudios.com….

Also this month as we start our third year publishing this “Newsletter”, we thought it a good idea to start some new segments

First…A new Segment or section to the RRS “Newsletter…”Thumb Stopping Snippet of the Month”  A short video that stops your thumb in its tracks….Our first “Thumb Stopping Snippet of the month is simply hilarious…check out Kid Snippets: “Math Class” (Imagined by Kids)




Quote of the Month

“Once you replace negative thoughts with positive ones, you’ll start having positive results.”

Willie Nelson

If you need Professionally produced branded videos for your business or company, we hope you think if Ron Robinson Studios. Thanks for taking the time to read this. We really appreciate you and if you have a question or would like a video topic covered in future newsletters, please shoot us an email. ron@ronrobinsonstudios.com

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