Live Streaming with multiple camera angles is not of the future….It’s here and available right now.
More and more often, business owners are grabbing their cell phones and streaming live to promote their business or an event….But what if you could stream live with a better quality and with more angles without buying thousands of dollars in gear?

Depending on the event, multiple camera angles can enhance your live Stream and makes the presentation far more entertaining and more professional. Live Streaming on social media properly, creates a showcase platform that directly connects a business to its customers. It also provides would be customers a better understanding of your products and services
Ron Robinson Studios is pleased to announce the addition of the Mevo Plus to our camera arsenal.

This is great news for business owners who recognize the value in Video and Live Streaming and utilize it to set themselves apart from their competitors
With the (Mevo Plus), RRS can now Live Stream for our clients using up to nine different camera angles.

Live Event Coverage is an outstanding way to put a spotlight on your business! Ron Robinson Studios can accommodate your business for just about any event

Viral Video Vault
Now that 2017 is in the books, let’s take a look back at last years most memorable viral videos

Coming Up:
Ron Robinson Studios is very excited to announce a new web series that will highlight camera gear & new technology… In addition to all new episodes of Ron’s Vlog in 2018, be on the look out for a new web series that will showcase and discuss the use of everything from VR Goggles and cameras to the latest in technology. RRS is also very pleased to be working with many new businesses and campaigns in the new year. Stay tuned!

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Certified to Fly Unmanned Aircraft by the FAA, Ron Robinson Studios wants to be your “Drone Guy”!

We can provide aerial service for Real Estate or Insurance companies, Construction, Golf Courses, or any business that could benefit from Aerial Photography and video. Call Ron Robinson Studios today

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