The 2018 CES or Consumer Electronics Show was held in Las Vegas last month and let’s just say technology is getting crazy…In case you didn’t know CES is basically where  companies, big and small, come to unveil the latest in high tech gadgets.

Some of the Highlights included…A Samsung 146 inch  Wall TV with micro LED’s

Another Samsung winner this year is their family hub refrigerator. This fridge can do things straight out of an episode of  “The Jetson’s”. It can let you know when your food expires. Also with onboard HD cameras, you can see what’s going on inside your fridge without opening up the door. Still a concept. No word on the price or release date..

Best robot tech goes to a Sony product, the Aibo. The Sony Aibo is a dog robot that can mimic you and it can be trained. The Aibo costs $1,600 plus a monthly fee for this little home pet. (Click here) to see me more including Toyota’s Autonomous concept E-commerce vehicle…The Toyota E-Pallete Mobility concept car…Truly amazing!

Viral Video Vault

Not long after CES had concluded, DJI announced the release of a new drone…The Mavic Air….For a review and to see what all the hubbub is about, I defer to a couple of my favorite YouTubers Casey Neistat and Peter McKinnon for their video review.

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