Imagine you are having a conversation with someone from 1990. What do you think they would say when you told them how much you paid for your phone?  If you are among those who recently upgraded to the I-Phone or the Samsung 8 you know these phones aren’t cheap.

Even if you opt for a lower grade,  you can still count on paying several hundred dollars for a mobile phone…and that’s before you start discussing what service plan you go with. While you let that sink in allow me to play devil’s advocate.  Although the thought of paying some $800 for a phone is incomprehensible so some, if not most,  that’s the going rate for these phones now…

But is it even fair to call these devices “phones”?  These little computers  that we carry with us at all times and I mean at ALL TIMES…do so much more than allow us make phone calls and text one another.  Apps,  Emails, music services and social media are just a few of the things we rely on our “phones” for.  You also can’t forget about the quality of the cameras on these smart “phones”.  10 years ago you would have likely paid a couple thousand dollars for a camera of equal quality. So while you cringe at the cost of your new smart phone, do the math. If you paid for individual products and services that are all crammed into our smart phones, how much would all that cost? You are also getting the convenience of having it all in one place. How much is that worth?  For people looking for work and life efficiency , smart phones are more than worth the investment,  even at these higher and higher prices.  Regardless, that guy from 1990 is still going to tell us we  are crazy. Perhaps we are

Viral Video Vault

As Training camp for the NFL gets underway, it’s a perfect time to share my favorite “Bad Lip Reading of the NFL”  Check out  this video & see for yourself

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I want to thank Rick Beckers from Cloudtech 1 for using RRS to produce videos that air at Automation Alley.   I also would like to thank Mark Malburg from Malburg Funeral Home in Romeo.  Mark Chose RRS to capture aerial video and photos of their beautiful property.  RRS is also pleased to be shooting new promo ads for Stanley Grot and Doug Wozniak.  If you are looking for something lighter, be sure to check out the 3 part video Vlog about Michigan’s U.P.

I also want to thank Chris Merrill from I Heart Radio for participating in the VLOG’s

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