Licensed Drone Pilot in Michigan Talks Rules and Regulations

Hey there, welcome to another episode of Tips and Tech Talk. I am your host, Ron, a Michigan commercial drone pilot. Today we’re going to talk about a new FAA rule for drone pilots in 2019.

The FAA has mandated that all drones must have their ID visible from the outside of the aircraft and that’s mandatory. Previously, it was strongly suggested that you have your ID on your drone but there was no specification of where. Well, the FAA has made that clear.  Your drone ID number has to be visible from the outside of the drone and that is effective February 23, 2019.

Another issue I want to talk about is a question that’s often asked online, I see it all the time from realtors. They want to know when I get my drone pictures or video, does the Michigan drone pilot have to be licensed ? Yes. I’ve made video about it, others have made videos about it. If you’re using drone footage, pictures or video, in the pursuance of business, which you’re doing listing a home trying to earn money, the person capturing the content has to be a UA certified pilot by the FAA.

Now in the past you haven’t heard a lot about too many people being punished or penalized or fined, but legislation passed a few months ago by President Trump is going to give the FAA teeth, it’s going to give them resources. Are they going to go after somebody, a real estate agent, who may or may not use a licensed drone pilot? Maybe, maybe not, but just imagine if your person is up collecting content for you for your listing and something happens. Ignorance is not going to be an excuse, especially if people get hurt. Plus, I don’t know why a realtor would want to do it themselves or have their nephew do it. I mean, you hate when people list houses on their own, right? Why wouldn’t you hire a professional to get your drone footage?

A couple things to take away from this video, February 23rd, if you’re going to fly your drone, you must have the ID on the outside visible on the drone., go there, until March 15th to leave your comments, suggestions, because they are asking for public comment so go give your two cents. There you have it. Hope you learned something in this video, hope you liked it. If you did, hit that like icon, share it with your friends, also go to my YouTube channel, make sure you hit that bell notification, subscribe if you haven’t done so, and of course, go to my website, Thanks for watching. We’ll see you next time right here for another episode for Tips and Tech Talk.

Hire a Michigan Drone Pilot for Real Estate

If you need aerial media, be sure to contact a professional drone pilot for real estate listings.  Using a pilot who is not licensed could result in fines from the FAA or even worse, injuries could occur. If you are looking for a commercial drone pilot in Michigan for real estate or any other type of business, contact Ron Robinson Studios today at: 586-256-3637​.

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