Looking for a Macomb County video marketer to promote your business? Start 2018 out right with Ron Robinson Studios. I want to talk about the Mevo camera today. This is something that Ron Robinson Studios is adding to it’s arsenal in 2018. What this little camera does is it shoots in 4k, and it broadcasts in 1080, beautiful HD, with up to 9 cameras!

This little camera is taking the place of nine camera people so I’m very excited about this. This is going to be available for live streaming or for in house video so if you’re looking for something that looks live, is professional and looks good, Ron Robinson Studios now can help you out with our addition of the Mevo camera.

I will be making a future video about Mevo and showing you exactly what it’s capable of. This is an amazing camera, so be sure to watch for a future video. I’ll be shooting specifically about what Mevo does and how it can benefit you, whether you’re a business owner about to have a grand opening or you are a Chamber wanting to promote a specific business and do it live, Ron Robinson Studios will be able to give you that live stream with a very professional looking product. So, I’m very excited about this.

This is actually the Mevo and this is the power pack which you connect to it and it can shoot up to ten hours.

Hire a Macomb County Video Marketer to Promote Your Business

If you’re a small to medium business, start 2018 out right and get your name out there with video or possibly live streaming through RonRobinsonStudios.com. Don’t do it yourself, hire a Macomb County video marketer. Go to RonRonbinsonStudios.com and give us a shout.

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