Video Marketing Campaigns for Business: Hire a Professional or DIY?

Video marketing is a vital part of any internet marketing campaign. Not only do videos increase sales and conversion rates, but they can significantly increase your online visibility in Google, YouTube and Vimeo – driving consumer traffic to your business from people who may not have heard of your company yet.

For many business owners, there is the question, “Should I hire a professional video marketer or do it myself ? ”

With the internet providing a wealth of information at our fingertips, do-it-yourselfers are certainly on the rise from home improvement, to self improvement and everything in between.

As a homeowner, you could technically install your own landscaping or remodel your kitchen but a professional contractor will always provide a higher quality product at the end of the day. After all, that’s what professionals are for. Likewise, business owners can certainly tackle their own video marketing. However, when it comes to representing the face of your business, why would you want your video marketing to be anything less than spectacular?

Keep reading to learn 4 main benefits of hiring a video marketer vs DIY video production.

Professional Cameras and Editing Software

Smartphones have made many advancements in video quality over the years and you may have even invested in a high-end video camera. But cameras are not the only thing you will need for professional videos.

Video production professionals have access to the latest editing and rendering software, royalty free music tracks as well as the experience in how to use these products in the most creative way possible – which will always result in a higher quality product.

Quality Content and Effective Messaging

As stated, a professional will likely have better lighting, camera equipment and editing capabilities to provide quality video footage. But what about the actual message you are trying to convey in your script? The best camera equipment will not fix the wrong strategy, tone or body language.

The good news is a professional video marketer has vast experience in scripting and garnering the right response from your target audience. What’s more, as an outsider, a professional video marketer can give you a consumer’s perspective – something that an in-house employee may not be able to provide.

Spend Less Time Away From your Business

If cost is what is driving you to do your own video marketing, you must factor in the time and expense of being pulled away from the daily tasks of your business. Video production can be a timely endeavor as there is time spent shooting the video, editing and rendering. Remember, it will take you much longer than hiring a professional so sometimes a DIY production may be more costly in the end.

Another problem with DIY marketing, whether it be a new website or video production is that your responsibilities of a business owner will require you to put your marketing on the back burner. This often results in either a delayed or unfinished project. A professional video marketer will devote themselves to your production and complete it in the most timely and efficient manor.

More Experience in Video Marketing Platforms

So you have invested the time and money in producing a professional video. Now how will you make sure that it is seen by consumers?

A professional video company has training and expertise in marketing your video on various social media platforms. First, different social media sites will require different renderings or frame rates per second. Also, a video marketer can apply specific techniques to your video to help it gain more exposure on video sharing sites such as YouTube and Vimeo.

Need to Hire a Professional for Your Video Marketing Campaign?

Producing your own video can save you money OR it can take up a lot of time and energy, and end up being more expensive in the long run. As a business owner, it is crucial to consider all of the above factors when determining whether to hire a professional video marketer or produce your own video in house. If you have any questions about video marketing campaigns or if you are ready to hire a video marketing professional, contact Ron Robinson Studios today at: 586-256-3637. Or visit our website at: ronrobinsonstudios.c


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